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Dream Symbols

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Common dream themes & symbols to help you uncover your dream messages.

All dreams are unique to the dreamer, which is why it is important to use our own intuition, as it is our best guide to assigning personal meaning to dreams.


However, a dream dictionary can be fantastic for providing information and insights into universal symbols and themes.

Common dream symbols and themes include:

Considered the freest of creatures, birds often symbolise a transformation of the spirit and soul along with the ability to soar to great heights.

Caged birds can denote confinement, entrapment, restriction and limitation.


Flying: Is a very positive omen representing happiness, freedom and the feeling of being on top of the world.

To dream of falling often symbolises anxiety and a lack of control in an area of one's life.

Being chased in a dream is an indication of the dreamer's coping mechanisms in relation to stress, fears, challenges and aspects of oneself. Are you running away or avoiding a particular situation in real life?

People: Usually represent an aspect of ourselves. List the characteristics of your dream person and observe how they may relate to you at this point in time.

Ex-lover: represents a past that no longer serves the dreamer.

denotes a new beginning of some kind such as a new project, relationship, idea or something developing within ourselves.

  the birth of a new beginning, creative project or level of growth.

Indicates change. Usually a positive omen in a dream, death symbolises an ending of sorts, be it a relationship, a way of life, career path, thought patterns or an aspect of oneself that no longer serves the dreamer's current state.

Portrays the life path or direction one has chosen. It is important to study the road – is it smooth or rocky? Straight or winding?

Represents the dreamer's current emotional state. Study the quality of water in your dream – is it clear or murky? Is it still or turbulent?

Dreams of being naked in public often indicate vulnerability and exposure of the real self, stripped of pretence and social conditioning.

Toilet dreams are associated with elimination, release and self-expression. Often these dreams indicate a removal or release of emotional waste and blockages.

Dreams of constipation or lack of toilet facilities can also portray a lack of proper outlets for feelings, creativity and self-expression.

symbolises parts of the dreamer's mind and personality. Note the different rooms, the furnishings, the type of house and the general state of cleanliness. Is the house cluttered or fresh and clean? Is it a mansion or a dump? Does it have levels?

Car: represents the dreamer's body. Note the state of the car – is it running smoothly? Does it need tuning? Are all the parts functioning as they should?



Recommended Dream Dictionary:

Cheung, Theresa (2006). The Element Encyclopedia of 20,000 Dreams: The ultimate A-Z to interpret the secrets of your dreams. Harper Collins, UK.

Beattie, Antonia (2002). Dream Dictionary: Everything you need to know to interpret your dreams and make them work for you. Landsdowne Publishing, Australia



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