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Hints and tips to help you uncover your dream messages...


Heart of the matter

Dreams are manifestations of that which dwells within your heart and mind. If interpreted correctly, your dreams can reveal hidden truths and solutions to ongoing problems and life situations.

Simply dwell on your question, really focus on it for 30mins before bedtime. Ask your dream to provide insights and be patient and open to any messages you receive.

You may be surprised at what comes your way!

Examples of dream questions:

'Show me my perfect career path'
'Show me the reason behind my family conflict'
'Why do my intimate relationships continue to fail?'
'What knowledge would best serve me at this point in my life?'

Once again, be patient - your answer may not come to you in the first session but over a series of nights.


Fresh is best!

There is not much use interpreting a dream you have had eons ago unless it is a recurring one. Dreams are manifestations of your current life circumstances and will not be much use to you if not analysed within 24-48 hours.

Keep it fresh before details and feelings are lost and forgotton.



It is important to note your feelings on awakening.

Feelings are the best indicators of your life situation and are the key to bridging your dream life to your reality.


Apples and oranges

By all means, refer to your dream dictionary to help decipher your dream symbols if you get stuck - these are fantastic in providing information about universal symbols and meanings. However, it is just as important to really think about your dream symbols and how they relate to you and your life.

Dreaming of apples and oranges are going to have a completely different meaning and relevance to a farmer than to a city dweller.

Go with your intuition when assigning meanings to your symbols.



Einstein knew it!

Dreams are the perfect environment to gain new knowledge, insights and problem solving skills. Einstein devised some of his greatest theories through dream travel and interpretation.

Don't be afraid to ask your dream for solutions to ongoing problems.


It's all about you!

Remember that in most cases, your dreams are all about you!

Every dream symbol, animal, person and event is a direct reflection of yourself and current circumstances.

That's right...the dream you had about your best friend hooking up with your boyfriend could be mirrored aspects and reflections of yourself (!).

Examples of dream symbols:

Mother - nuturing feminine
Baby - new beginnings/creative project
Ex-lover - past that no longer serves you


Hey you!

It is important to remember that all dreams are positive, no matter how terrifying they may seem. Nightmares and/or reoccurring dreams have increased in vividness and intensity as a way to attract your attention.

You may have missed specific messages and vital clues that you need to know - a wake up call!

Nightmares and reccurring dreams will continue until the message has been received and ACTED upon.

Click here to read more about Nightmares.

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