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Unlock your Dream Secrets

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Dream Analysis


Unlock your Dream Secrets...

Dream messages arise from a hidden part of ourselves and filter through to consciousness.

Unlock the secrets of your dreams through Dream Mapping with the help of the following guidelines.

Remember to let your intuition guide you throughout this process.

Step One: Story

Put pen to paper and record your dream as soon as possible to retain it's freshness and quality! It might be handy to keep a dream journal by your bedside.

Your dreams, no matter how bizzare and non-sensical, are your life story and each contain important messages for you to decode. Get creative and write out your dream as a story complete with a title and paragraphs.

Remember to note each dream scene, symbol and sequence. While they may not seem significant or make sense at this stage, you may be pleasantly surprised at what unfolds...



Step Two: Feelings

Note your feelings throughout the course of your dream and on awakening. What was the main or most pertinent feeling associated with your dream?

This will be the key factor in bridging the gap between your dream world and your reality.



Step Three: Environment

Record your dream environment and dream symbols to help you establish your dream issue.

For example, a work colleague in your dream may pertain to work relationships as being your key issue.

Other issues include:

career, work, relationships, health, personal development.



Step Four: Dream Themes

Identify the main themes within your dream. These will help to establish meaning.

Examples of common dream themes:

Love, Communication, Stress, Anxiety, New Beginnings, Death.



Step Four: Dream Symbols

Identify the main symbols within your dream and use your intuition to assign their meaning. Really think about your dream symbols and how they relate to you and your life.

Examples of common dream symbols and meanings:

Birds - spirit and soul, the ability to soar to great heights

People - usually represent an aspect of ourselves 

Pregnancy - new project, idea, something developing within ourselves

Death - an ending of sorts: relationship, a way of life, career path 

Road - life path, direction



Step Five: Questions

Ask yourself questions that integrate and encompass your recordings so far - feelings, background, dream themes and dream symbols.

Examples of questions:

Where in my life, at present, am I feeling angry?

What aspect of myself am I not expressing?

What part of my life is in need of a makeover, a new beginning?



Step Six: Dream Message

Rewrite your dream using the information you have gathered in steps two to five.

This will help to provide clarity and insight, unlocking your hidden dream message.



Step Seven: Affirmations

Now that you have discovered the secret messages within your dream, formulate a short statement of positivity and intent to help create beautiful and lasting changes within yourself and your waking life.

Repeat these out loud or in your mind as often as you like.

The more you repeat your affirmations, the more real they become.

Examples of affirmations:

I am open and excited about the changes taking place in my life.
I create new and exciting opportunities in my career.
I am loved and abundant on all levels.
I am a powerful being and in control of all aspects of my life.

Have fun, be creative and outlandish with your affirmations!



* See Dream of the Week for real examples to help you with this process

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