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2Day FM (104.1)- Guest dream interpreter



The dream doctor live on air 104.1 2day FM as guest dream interpreter. Listen to the Hot 30 Countdown and be sure to call in about THAT dream!

Listen to the audio snippet of Martina's guest appearance on the Hot 30 Countdown with Matty and Mel.


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dreams keepers of sanity

Monthly Focus for December: Dreams - The keepers of sanity

How your crazy dreams are keeping you sane.



Monthly Focus for November: The Twilight Zone


Get your genius on!
Learn how to access your inner brilliance within hypnopompic and hypnagogic states in month's dream focus.




9 to 5 magazine Media Party: Magical High Tea
31 Oct 2009: 2-4pm
Level 1, 241 Rundle St Adelaide

Visit the dreamdoctor at this event for a free dream reading analysis! Click here for details



creative dreaming

Monthly Focus for July: Creative Dreaming

Wake up to your dreams and create the life you want!
Learn how to transform your life through creative dreaming in month's dream focus.




Monthly Focus for December: Nightmares

Face your fears!
Learn how to conquer your inner demons in this month's dream focus.




9 to 5 magazine Press Release: 9-5 Magazine

The dream doctor featured in this month's 9-5 magazine!

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future forecast

Monthly Focus for November: Future forecast

Learn how to tap into your future through your dreams in this month's dream focus.



Special promotion: Free Dream Session

In conjunction with Psyched in Stilettos, the dream garden is offering one lucky VIP member a complimentary dream session!




Latest upload: Dream Meditation

If you often experience difficulty falling asleep, the following meditation can help you create the perfect night's rest...



dream capture

Monthly Focus for October: Dream Capture

Learn how to capture and remember your dreams in this month's article.



 Dream guide

Latest upload: Dream Guide

Practise this dream exercise designed to assist with inner guidance and wisdom: Meeting your dream guide.



Welcome to the official launch of The Dream Garden!

Dedicated to dreams and dreamers alike, this site is the perfect guide to unlocking the mysterious world of your dreams.

Packed with valuable information including articles of interest, dream exercises, DIY Dream Analysis and featured dream of the week, the dream garden can help you decode the messages of your own dream world, transforming both your inner and outer universes.

Alternatively, you can make a booking or email your dream to the dream doctor for a detailed analysis that delves into symbolism, dream themes, your dream message and positive affirmations to help you create the life you want.

If decoded correctly, dreams can be a valuable source of wisdom and information about yourself, relationships, career, state of health and wellbeing.

Dreams can assist you to uncover:

a constant and endless wealth of knowledge and creativity
inspiration and inner wisdom
hidden talents
invaluable messages
ingenious ideas and flashes of brilliance
hidden truths

Dreams can also assist in problem-solving and predicting future events.

Explore the dream garden to find out how...



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In the Media


The Dream Doctor as featured in Sydney's 9-5 magazine.

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