Dream Events

Need a dream therapist?

Martina has worked on community projects, events and collaborations with international brands and agencies such as Cotton On, BMF, LinkedIn and Tourism New Zealand.

Martina is available for launch parties, dream consultations, collaborations, dream projects, speaking engagements and running general and corporate dream workshops around Australia and worldwide.

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Jungian Trip

I created Jungian Trip while experimenting with blue lotus flower to heighten my dream state.

Shamanic flower blue lotus is known to enhance visionary dreaming and induce altered states of consciousness.

The psychoactive alkaloids activate the pineal gland and parasympathetic nervous system helping to ease anxiety, promote relaxation and induce euphoria.

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What Is Dream Therapy?

Dream therapy involves a deep re-immersion into dream through somatic dreamwork and dream embodiment.

Dream images and presences are encountered within the dream, embodied and explored through somatic sensations that impact the mind-body system in intangible ways.

This therapeutic process expands awareness and psychological flexibility allowing for something new and profoundly transforming to unfold.

Practising the dream composite after the session promotes neuroplasticity, creating new neural pathways and stimulating new dreams.

This method has proven to be effective for nightmares, trauma, PTSD and everyday dreams.

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Create a Dreamfolio®

Sign up to my dream platform Dreamcubator® to create your free online dream diary.

Dream Course

Learn how to work with your dreams in this online dream course for beginner & intermediate dreamers.

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Martina Kocian (B.A. Psych, E.I. Practitioner) has been working with dreams and specialising in dream therapy since 2008. After completing her Bachelor of Psychology and training as an Embodied Imagination Therapist, Martina started her private dream practice.
Martina works with clients in one on one in person sessions and over Zoom to help explore their dreams and provide dream therapy sessions that move beyond dream analysis and interpretation to expand awareness and create a shift in being.

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