What Is Dream Therapy?

Dream therapy goes beyond dream analysis and interpretation where dreams are explored from the ground up. That is, we work the dream by journeying back into the dreamscape and exploring specific dream phenomena (dream characters, archetypes, symbols) by way of mimesis or transiting into image or presence.

Intelligence is extracted from the spirit of the dream which expands awareness and creates a shift in being.

Through this therapeutic process, meaningful connections or associations can be attributed to waking life, to dream clusters or simply by sitting in their presence, we can allow dream images to work their magic on us.

The outcome may not always provide a cut and dry ‘analysis’ but offers expanded awareness and/or a shift in the dreamer and situation related to the dream.

This understanding goes beyond intellect as a fully embodied way of being.

Dream therapy is effective for working with nightmares, recurring dreams, PTSD dreams and everyday dreams.

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Martina Kocian (B.A. Psych, E.I. Practitioner) has been working with dreams and specialising in dream therapy since 2008. After completing her Bachelor of Psychology and training as an Embodied Imagination Therapist, Martina started her private dream practice.
Martina works with clients in one on one in person sessions and over Zoom to help explore their dreams and provide dream therapy sessions that move beyond dream analysis and interpretation to expand awareness and create a shift in being.

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