Martina Kocian aka ‘The Dream Doctor’ has been specialising in dream interpretation, dream analysis and dream therapy since 2008. After completing her Bachelor of Psychology and studying various courses in dream therapy, Martina started her private dream practice focusing on Jungian Psychology and a unique form of dream therapy known as Embodied Imagination Therapy.

Martina works with clients in one on one in person sessions and over Skype or email to help interpret their dreams and provide dream therapy and dream exercises (dreamcises) to access potential for change, healing and creativity and improve the quality of her client’s dreams.  

Dream therapy can include visualisations, embodiment, dream redramaticisations, positive statements and art therapy along with dream incubation sessions to work on a particular core issue such as a relationship or professional problem, health issue, creative block or emotional issue.

Martina has been interviewed across various media as a guest ‘Dream Doctor’, participated in events and collaborations with international brands and agencies as a guest dream interpreter and speaker and appeared live on national television and radio as a guest dream interpreter on 2day FM, ABC Radio, Nova, Triple M, Radio Manchester, Channel 10’s The Breakfast Show and Channel 9’s Today show.

Martina’s passion is to share her knowledge about dreams, empower others through dreamwork and inspire everyday people to experience deeply the value of their dreams as a significant source of wisdom, healing and inner guru guidance.


Martina says: ‘I love how each dream is a unique narrative and experience to the dreamer. From the bizarre and beautiful to anxiety-driven nightmares and reoccurring dreams, each dream provides us with a valuable message to help us understand, enhance and improve our daily lives. It’s amazing just how much you can discover about yourself and your life when working with dreams.’

‘In a world where we are becoming increasingly bombarded with social media gurus, fake news and conflicting media messages it’s become more important than ever to look within and consult our own inner guru. This is where our dreams can play a crucial role in guiding us on our special path through life. By paying attention to our dream messages they can help us create a more fulfilling and meaningful life designed especially and uniquely for us…the life of our dreams in fact.’