Benefits of Dream Analysis

This page has been removed as I have continued to encountered far greater Benefits of Dream Therapy in my practice.

The benefits of dream analysis and dreamwork are varied and far reaching.

As a form of therapy dreams hold significant insights into the subconscious mind and interpreting dreams can become an effective tool for self actualisation.

Dream analysis can be most beneficial if you are experiencing recurring dreams, nightmares, working through a life situation or a critical/transitional phase in your life, have a cluster of dreams you feel are related to one another or simply have dreams on a regular basis that you enjoying working through.

Think of dream interpretation as mining your subconscious for diamonds (you may also find other gems in the process) and dream therapy as refining those diamonds into valuable personal treasures and assets.

Though they may not make any real sense to your rational mind, once interpreted correctly, even your strangest dreams and most terrifying nightmares offer valuable messages and insights into your waking world.

When closely investigated, dreams can become a great source of healing, wisdom and guidance as well as perfect instigators for change, growth and self development.

Dreams help to shape our lives and by working with our personal dream messages we become active participants in creating our world and what we truly want from life.

Below are just some of the significant benefits that can be gained from working with your dreams.

Problem Solving

Through intuitive wisdom, many dreams when correctly interpreted offer unique solutions to problems or issues you may be facing in waking life.


Just like having your own inner guru, your dream messages can be a wonderful source of guidance to help you along on your life journey or if you’re feeling indecisive or stuck.


Dreams can provide insight in the most magical way and often with highly unique information and symbology that only you would understand. One of the most powerful benefits of dream analysis is gaining deep personal insight into your waking life and life journey.


Dreams can bring recent or long standing issues and repressed memories and emotions to the surface. By acknowledging and working with these dreams, healing can occur naturally and spontaneously.

Big Dreams

The nature of what Jung called ‘Big Dreams’ or soul dreams can themselves be game changers. These dreams are unique to other dreams in their profundity and often occur during times of personal crisis or critical phases of life. Big dreams are never forgotten and interpreting them can elicit deep emotional shifts, radical changes in perception and abrupt changes in life direction.


Dream analysis can offer much relief to a disturbing or highly emotional dream and/or nightmare. Dreams are not always what they seem and by working with your dream you can gain significant insight into what is happening in your waking life.


There is a plethora of research supporting dreams aiding the learning process. If you are learning something new, literally sleeping and dreaming about your task or project can help with memory retention, problem solving and gaining better understanding of your topic or field of interest.


Many incredible works of art and invention throughout history have been attributed to dreams. One of the most exciting benefits of dream interpretation is receiving that a-ha moment for your next project or inspiration for a life change.


Dream analysis can provide much needed confirmation on issues or feelings you have been dealing with in your waking life.


Through correct dream analysis you can work with your dream message to transform any issues, feelings or thought patterns to improve your current circumstances and create the life you want.


Your subconscious absorbs incredible amounts of information that often play out in dreams. By analysing your dreams you can be alerted or illuminated to something important in your waking life that needs your attention.

Future Preparation

Dreams have the uncanny ability to prepare you for future events that will take place in your life. Have you ever looked back through your dream journal and been surprised that some aspects of the dreams you recorded had occurred in your life at a later date?  Through dream analysis you can be better prepared for these events or alter your reality accordingly to create something more positive for yourself.

Self Discovery

Your dreams are always highlighting your potential, your thoughts and emotions as well as areas for self development. One of the most satisfying benefits of dream analysis is learning more about yourself and discovering more of your potential.

Dream Quality

As you begin working with and paying close attention to your dreams, they have a wonderful way of responding. Your dream experiences may become more vivid, increase in clarity and dream messages become more profound. Overall you can expect an increase in the quality and even quantity of your dreams.

Sense of Awe

The more you work with your dreams the more you become aware and appreciative of the creativity and ingenuity of your own dreaming mind.

Your dreaming mind is communicating with you in its own multi-dimensional language of images, emotions and multi-level associations versus straightforward words and concepts. Once you begin understanding this language, your dream messages increase in clarity and offer true gnosis – a state of deep inner knowing.


One of the most rewarding benefits of dream analysis is finding the positive in your dream. Even highly disturbing dreams or nightmares contain positive connotations or insights that you can work with to improve your waking life.