Benefits of Dream Therapy

The benefits of dream therapy when working with the specialised Embodied Imagination therapeutic method can vary from overt breakthroughs where an emergence takes place and shifts something indefinitely to more subtle changes that positively affect conscious awareness and expand the field of perception. 

This method expands both awareness and psychological flexibility, develops new neural pathways and allows for something new and profoundly transforming to unfold.

Other benefits of dream therapy can include one or more of the following:

Evolution of dreaming

After working with a dream, it can evolve into a new set of dreams that offer fresh information and where dream phenomena can shape shift with the integration of information. 

E.g. In a sequence of dreams she related to her fertility, M’s barren trees transformed into rabbits and then bountiful cherry blossom trees throughout her planning, conception and pregnancy journey.


By embodying specific dream phenomena such as archetypes, dream characters and symbols, we gain the wisdom of their perspective and a state of gnosis or deep inner knowing is attained. 

A dream image of a giant prawn trapped in a cage when embodied and accompanied by physical sensations of moulting becomes an epiphany. The prawn must first complete the moulting process to be free from the cage.

Physical shifts

By experiencing the state of other within the dream, their form and intelligence can be integrated and embodied. This can lead to physical shifts and movement in the body of the dreamer. 

A newfound awareness of our bodies and the sensations within create profound connections between body and mindfulness.

Some dreamers have reported greater ease of mobility, agility and improvements in health and wellbeing after embodying aspects of their dream while others simply draw upon the gifts contained within their dream presences.

E.g. F’s dream of a majestic black swan gifted her the sensation of confidence she felt in her shoulders directly through the wingspan in the body of the swan. F attributed her acceptance of a new job offer to the confidence she received from working with her dream swan. 

Expanded consciousness

The cultivation of dream therapy is expanding consciousness. When we can become the tsunami, become the dragon, become the thief, become the stars—absorbed into them, we become everything we encounter completely and totally. This is our truest state of being.

The villain is not just a symbol of cunning and power, the eagle of freedom and flight, the prostitute of sensuality and sexual prowess; when we embody these symbols they bestow their power onto us. This is the magic of dreamwork.

Increased vitality

Through regular dream practice, dreamers have reported increased vitality and a sense of greater aliveness as they momentarily become fully immersed within the living presences in their dreams. 

Dreams are comprised of living tissue within our psyche. Through dreamwork we are extracting live tissue from our dreams. Our dream presences are very much alive and their imprint on us is real. 

Fresh perspective on nightmares, PTSD and recurring dreams

Through the exploration of particular dream phenomena such as nightmarish figures, dream therapy can offer a new perspective for those experiencing nightmares, PTSD dreams and recurring dreams. 

A greater understanding and shift of awareness creates an environment where moving forward from these dreams becomes a possibility.

Connection to source

‘Dreams offer us an escape from materialism to make room for the reality of the imagination’ Harpur 2004. 

Through dreams our own unique narrative can unfold, unfettered by the outer world and limitations of the conscious and collective mind. Dreams reconnect us to soul and dream therapy allows space for soul work to take place. 

Improved sleep patterns

After therapeutically working through a series of dreams, some dreamers experience deeper rest in their sleep state along with greater ease of falling asleep as long held bodily sensations and emotions have been acknowledged, processed and released.

‘Hi Martina, Something has shifted since processing that last dream, “A family gathering.” Every night since I fall into a deep sleep and sleep right through the night, until I have to wake up and go to work.  I usually sleep for about 1 or 2 hours, then wake up and eventually go back to sleep till my alarm goes off. Perhaps some demons have been finally laid to rest. Thank you.’ Lindsay, Sydney  


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