Dream Therapy Session

$120 AUD

One on one private dream session in person Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast location or via Zoom worldwide

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Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast in person location or via Zoom worldwide

Face to face consultation in person or via Zoom (60 mins)

An immersive 60min session where we will re-enter your dream through somatic dreamwork and dream embodiment.

This therapeutic process expands awareness and creates a shift in being.

Practising the dream composite after the session promotes neuroplasticity, creating new neural pathways and stimulating new dreams.

This method has proven to be effective for nightmares, trauma, PTSD and everyday dreams.

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What is Dream Therapy?

Benefits of Dream Therapy



    • Once completing your payment transaction, an email will be sent to you within 24 hours containing appointment times and further session details for Zoom or in person consultations.
    • Martina does not offer her own personal opinions or advice. The information you will receive during your consultation is based on post Jungian theory and therapeutic techniques to work with your dream.
    • Although your dream consultation may provide many therapeutic benefits it is not a substitute for psychological counselling or medical advice. If you have any physical or mental health concerns please consult a medical or mental health practitioner.
    • Any actions or decisions that you make post consultation are entirely your own responsibility.
  • All clients’ information remains strictly confidential unless otherwise specified by the client.