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Unique and personalised multi-page dream analysis emailed to you as a keepsafe in a custom PDF document

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Receive a personal and in depth multi-page dream analysis via email.

Your unique and detailed dream analysis will explore various aspects and dimensions of your dream including themes and symbols to uncover the significant message your dream has created just for you.

Also included in your email dream analysis are personalised dreamwork exercises for you to practise that engage with elements of your dream to impact your life in a positive way.

Dreamwork is particularly effective when working with nightmares and recurring dreams.

Your email dream analysis will be delivered to your inbox within 2 business days.


What you get:

Multi-page dream analysis in beautifully presented keepsake PDF dream booklet via email

Significant dream message

Personalised dreamwork techniques and exercises based on your dream message




    • Once completing your payment transaction, an email will be sent to you within 24 hours containing appointment times and further session details for Skype or in person consultations. Allow 2 business days to receive your email reading.


    • Martina does not offer her own personal opinions or advice. The information you will receive during your consultation is based on Jungian theory and suggested techniques to work with your dream.


    • Although your dream consultation may provide many therapeutic benefits it is not a substitute for psychological counselling or medical advice. If you have any physical or mental health concerns please consult a medical or mental health practitioner.


    • Any actions or decisions that you make post consultation are entirely your own responsibility.


  • All clients’ information remains strictly confidential unless otherwise specified by the client.