Hello Dreamer!

This course is designed to be your guide through the world of dreams, helping you navigate through the fuzzy edges and beyond – that includes nightmares, trauma dreams and the amygdala!
Dreams are the raw material of our psyche and knowing how to deeply explore and work with our dreams can conjure an insight, a response, an antidote, a shift.
This video contains a brief introduction about what’s included in the course and how best to work with the modules.

Dream Interpretation

How to interpret your dreams.

This video contains a 7 step guide to interpreting your dreams and how to get to the heart of your dream message.
You’ll learn about symbology, common dream themes and how to work with the ‘particular’ to extract the soul from your dream.

Working with images

The language of the psyche.

Images are the language of our soul or psyche. It’s our dream images that nourish us and allow for deep connection to imagination.
This video delves into the importance of our dream images and explains why dreams don’t communicate their messages in plain language.

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