Dream lovers – the perfect union?

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Hey dreamers,

Have you ever met someone in your dream that just blows you away, instantly?

You might be doing something completely ordinary in your dream like hanging out with friends or practicing yoga when suddenly your eyes lock with a mysterious stranger and then a tsunami of emotion hits you and knocks you for six.

But wait… you’re in a committed relationship in waking life (remember?!), yet you can’t deny the instant connection and uncontrollable attraction. The force generated by you both is so completely overpowering that you have no choice but to let go and fully surrender yourself to this overwhelming explosion of heart-opening ecstasy.

And the experience is so literally ‘out of this world’ that on awakening it leaves you breathless with an aura or feeling that something extraordinary has just happened. And maybe it has…but what?!

Having been fortunate enough myself to have experienced two such extraordinary dreams in the past year, I was curious as to where these came from and what they might mean. Had I just been exposed to a sacred and wonderous heart-opening phenomenon or was this earth shattering explosion of love a sign of ‘things to come’ into my life?

According to Green (2014), dream lovers can offer us some pretty amazing experiences including the fulfillment of deep inner psychological and physical needs for intimacy and love; an opportunity to connect with your masculine or feminine side or even prepare you for meeting that special someone in due course.

However, differentiating a deep wish fulfillment dream of love and romance from a sacred experience or union, Green states, can be difficult for the untrained dream worker.

Green attests that many dreams of romance, sex and partnership are wish fulfillment dreams compensating for a lack of sexual activity and deep intimate connection with another in daily life…but when the dream lover resembles no one the dreamer knows from their life – a mysterious stranger that seems to possess complementary characteristics and is involved in the dream activities and enactments as a sidekick, the dream is likely a sacred marriage dream where the dreamer unites the masculine and feminine aspects of oneself. These types of dreams are commonplace Green assures as the soul strives and struggles for balance.

If the sexy dream lover becomes a reoccurring visitor (lucky you!) over a period of months and/or years, Green says it may be a indication of a real connection with someone from afar as ‘Two souls collaborate at night in the ethers, spending intimate time together and a connection that is best described as “out of this world” (spiritually profound) [is formed]. Sometimes the connection remains in the psychic realm for years before destiny brings the two together.’

Suggesting that the dreamers are in fact preparing to make their way into one another’s daily lives – whoa!

Green concludes by stating that ‘There is a particular spiritual aura to a soulmate dream that is extraordinary. Even in the ethers the rendezvous raises the dreamers’ consciousness and they sense and feel a spiritual power between them. The dream can be very romantic, ecstatic in fact. Soulmate dreams demonstrate that souls are bonded at unseen dimensions and experience a whole other life as twin-lovers in the upper dimensions.’

What are your thoughts dreamers? Have you ever had a dream lover? Share in the comments below!

xx The Dream Doctor



Green, Ariadne (2014) Dreams of a New Lover