Dreaming in the Workplace

Dream packages for corporate, business and startups.

Dream Therapy for health and wellness in your workplace

Dream Programs to assist with problem solving, innovation, idea generation and development.

Is your team feeling stuck, burnt out and uninspired? Do you need space to generate the next big idea or discover unique solutions to exisiting problems?

Our corporate dreaming programs can help your team access original ideas, novel information and associations by working with their dreams.

The Program

With teams of 4-8 participants, we’ll practise dream incubation techniques that focus on specific problems to formulate a dream response.

We’ll then undergo daily or weekly one hour group dreaming sessions where each team member’s dream is explored to encounter unique solutions, new perspectives and increased creativity and innovation.

How it works

The simple act of dreaming shuts down the pre frontal cortex in the brain responsible for logic and reasoning, opening us up to a state of unlimited possibilities.

This allows for novel information and associations to emerge as our mind becomes free from everyday constructs, limiting beliefs and thought patterns.   

By working with our dreams, research in neuroscience shows increased neuroplasticity in the brain as new neural pathways are formed and something new is allowed to emerge.


Outcomes can include:

  • Gaining new and multiple perspectives to projects and problems
  • Increased creativity and innovation in team members
  • Gaining multiple solutions to exisiting problems
  • Increase in inspiration and enthusiasm in team members

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