How do I know if my dream is worthy of analysis?

Is every dream worthy of analysis? I always say yes! Why miss the opportunity of a unique and personal message created especially for you. Although I understand we don’t always have the time to decode every single dream, I always tell my clients that the bright dream, vivid dream, strange dream or dream that stays with us or makes us think – this is definitely a dream worth investigating.

Basically if your answer is YES to one or more of these questions you could benefit from a dream consultation…

  • After several hours or within days of having my dream am I still thinking about my dream and what it might mean?
    • Did it have an effect on me?
    • Was it bigger, more vivid and brighter than my usual dreams?
    • Did it seem important, like it was trying to tell me something?
    • Was it a nightmare that I can’t quite seem to shake off?
  • Have I had this dream or a similar type of dream before?
  • Did it seem connected to some of my previous dreams?

What periods in my life are most beneficial for looking into my dreams?

Dream analysis can be most beneficial if you are experiencing recurring dreams, nightmares, working through a life situation or a critical/transitional phase in your life, have a cluster of dreams you feel are related to one another or simply have dreams on a regular basis that you enjoying working through.

What are the benefits of having my dreams analysed?

There are numerous benefits to having your dream analysed from finding meaning and guidance on your life path to improving the quality of your dreams.

As a form of therapy dreams hold significant insights into the subconscious mind and interpreting dreams can become an effective tool for self actualisation.

Read about the benefits here

My dream is really weird and makes absolutely no sense. Is it still worth looking into?

Your dream is communicating with you in its own multi-dimensional language of images, emotions and multi-level associations as opposed to straightforward words and concepts that we normally relate to. Once you begin understanding this language, your dream messages increase in clarity and may even blow your mind when compared to ordinary daily communication. Generally, the weirder the better!

What if my dream is scary or negative?

Don’t worry, your dream messages are generally always positive (even if delivered via nightmarish form) and through dream work provide you with opportunities to understand, heal or change the circumstances associated with your dream.

I have a pretty good idea of what my dream is about, do I still need a professional interpretation?

That’s great! If you are satisfied with the meaning of your dream you may not require additional help. However sometimes you may miss some vital points or clues to a dream message or misinterpret some themes in which case a professional consultation may be beneficial.

I have a pretty good idea of my dream meaning but I’m not sure what to do next

Sometimes our dream meanings are really clear but we’re not sure what to do with our dream messages or how to act on them. The dreamwork and dream exercises you apply and take with you during consultations can help to expand on the insights you have gained, empower you to act, make some changes or move forward in your life.

Can all dreams be explained?

All dreams are unique and hold valuable information for us whether it’s a problem solving dream or a dream helping to release repressed emotions.

Not all dreams require an explanation and simply working with various aspects of a dream such as a dream archetype or symbol can have significant benefits for the dreamer.

What if my dream doesn’t have a clear message?

Some dreams can be more difficult to interpret than others. Some dreams come to us as constellations that require some piecing together over time before a bigger and overall picture or message can be formed. However even if there is no clear message from the dream itself, there is generally always something positive to take from a dream or an aspect of the dream such as a dream symbol can become valuable through dreamwork.

What can I expect during a dream consultation?

See What to expect

How much time do I need to allocate for a dream consultation?

In person or Zoom dream consults usually take 60mins depending on the complexity of your dream.

Is my dream consultation like a therapy session?

Although your dream consultation may provide many therapeutic benefits it is not a substitute for psychological counselling or medical advice. If you have any physical or mental health concerns please consult a medical or mental health practitioner.

When will I receive my email analysis?

You will receive your personal email analysis in your inbox within 2 business days of your order.

What is your refund policy?

If you change your mind 24 hours before your booking, you will receive a full refund minus any booking fees from payment transactions.

Refunds are not available after consultations have taken place.

If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.