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World Dream Day with Hit 104.7 Canberra

Sep 2022

Lovely morning discussing money dreams, nightmares, visitation dreams and dream incubation on World Dream Day with Ellie and Jason from Hit 104.7 Canberra.

LinkedIn APAC’s Dream Big Inday 2022 – Zoom Workshop

Such a pleasure to host Introduction to Dreamwork, an online dream workshop for LinkedIn APAC’s Dream Big Inday.

The workshop was attended by 50 participants located in Singapore, Sydney and Bangalore. We talked about the impact of dreaming on mental health and trauma, learning, problem solving and creativity.

Thanks for being such a wonderfully engaging and enthusiastic crowd!

Feedback from participants:

‘Such an interesting topic and love the fact that it was very interactive.’

‘It was a very insightful workshop.’

‘Dreaming is (hopefully) part of your life, so it’s nice to know more about what they mean and how you can get insights from them and apply to your waking life.’

‘Very to-the-point and engaging.’

‘It was a really important session in my opinion. I would love to have this featured in other Indays like one on mental health etc. I can’t wait another year for something like this.’

Interview with Angie from Nova Podcast

June 2021

Great to chat dreams with Angie on the Nova Podcast and work with her sleep paralysis in a live dream therapy session.

Listen to the live session and discover tips on dealing with the often terrifying experience of sleep paralysis.

Dream campaign ‘Stop Dreaming and Go’ with Tourism New Zealand

May 2021

I had the pleasure of partnering with Tourism New Zealand to launch their first international campaign ‘Stop Dreaming and Go’ that translates dreams in relation to travel. 

It has been interesting to note the evolution of our dreams throughout the pandemic. Initially we were experiencing more stressful dream themes such as running from danger and being attacked by bugs which have since transitioned to dream themes that signify a need to escape reality, a need for a break and a strong desire to seek out adventure and new experiences.

Partnering with TNZ has not only helped to provide a presence and awareness to these themes but also a means to act on these dreams.

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Corporate Zoom Workshop with Discovery Channel

March 2021

It was a fun morning running a dream workshop via Zoom with the team at Discovery Channel to celebrate International Sleep Day 2021!

We chatted about the importance of dreaming in our modern culture, how to optimise your sleep and dream states, how to engage with your dreams and a brief intro to dream interpretation.

Thanks for being such a wonderful and engaging audience!

Introduction to Dreamwork Workshop

November 2020

I’m excited to be running ‘Introduction to Dreamwork’ at Chameleon New Age Salon on the Gold Coast in mid November.

This half day workshop is a blend of psychological and metaphysical theory and practice where you will learn about ancient dream practices, physiology of dreaming, basic techniques of dream interpretation and why now more than ever, it’s so important to hold space and engage with our dreams.

Cost: $90

Date: 14 Nov 2020

Duration: 1.30-4pm

Location: Chameleon New Age Salon

3171 Surfers Paradise Blvd Surfers Paradise, QLD, Australia 4217

Chatting COVID-19 dreams and nightmares with Studio 10

June 2020

A fun morning discussing COVID-19 dreams and nightmares with the team at Studio 10.

Find out the most common dreams we are experiencing during lockdown and how to deal effectively with nightmares.

Watch video

Body + Soul Magazine – Crazy dreams during lockdown? This is what they mean

May 2020

Awesome to chat about our dreams in lockdown with Kara from body+soul magazine.

Below are some snippets from our conversation, read the full interview here.

“During times of collective crisis, feelings of stress, anxiety and uncertainty can cause mixed sleep-wake states as the subconscious attempts to process our heightened thoughts, emotions and experiences which can trigger lucidity,” says Kocian.

“This can be an empowering experience if the dream has nightmarish qualities,” she explains. “We discover we have the power to fend off an opponent (or virus!) or break rules without consequences.” 

Interview ABC Radio: Screen time and dream time

Lovely chatting with Sirine from ABC Radio about how tech and screen time affects our dreams and techniques we can apply for remembering our dreams.

June 2019


Cotton On Body – Live Q&A Collaboration

Such a fun and insightful morning discussing dreams and sleep wellness with Maddi from Healthy Hustlers and Dr Carmel Harrington for Cotton On Body live Q&A on Instagram

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