LinkedIn APAC’s Dream Big Inday 2023 – Zoom Workshop

It was wonderful to be invited back for another big year to host Introduction to Dreamwork, an online dream workshop for LinkedIn APAC’s Dream Big Inday.

The workshop was attended by 50 participants located in Singapore, Sydney and Bangalore. We talked about the impact of dreaming on mental health and trauma, learning, problem solving and creativity.

Thanks for being such a wonderfully engaging and enthusiastic crowd!

Feedback from participants:

‘Such an interesting topic and love the fact that it was very interactive.’

‘It was a very insightful workshop.’

‘Dreaming is (hopefully) part of your life, so it’s nice to know more about what they mean and how you can get insights from them and apply to your waking life.’

‘Very to-the-point and engaging.’

‘It was a really important session in my opinion. I would love to have this featured in other Indays like one on mental health etc. I can’t wait another year for something like this.’