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Cotton On Body – Live Q&A Collaboration

Such a fun and insightful morning discussing dreams and sleep wellness with Maddi from Healthy Hustlers and Dr Carmel Harrington for Cotton On Body live Q&A on Instagram

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Get Clever – Channel 7 Kids

July 2018

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Have you ever been wronged in a dream? Chatting with Hamish and Gabi from Hit 107 FM

September 2017

Chatting dreams with Bryce, 2SER 107.3FM

Sydney, February 2017

Interpreting Sean’s recurring dream, Key 103 – Manchester

London, November 2016

Interpreting Gus’s mountain dream, Triple M 104.9FM

Sydney, March 2016

Talking dreams with Sam and Kate, Nova 96.9FM

Sydney, July 2014

2UE Radio, Sydney

Sydney, June 2013