While you were sleeping – Healing through dreams

Heart with flowers
Flower Heart Spring by Tobe Fonseca


Did you know that your dreams can heal that broken heart?

We are all aware of the wonderful healing mechanism that is sleep! Oh the joy of being safe and snug in bed when feeling unwell and allowing the amazing process of the deep sleep Delta phase (stage 4) to work its magic on our physical bodies, undergoing essential repair, recovery and restoration on all ailments from minor cuts, pimples and bruises to serious illnesses.

Anyone that has ever felt off par would have to agree that a good night’s sleep is vital for optimal physical health and wellbeing.

Yet…have you ever woken up after going through a turbulent period in your life or long-standing problem and suddenly…miraculously…everything felt better?

According to Dr Quattrocchi, it is not only our physical bodies that benefit from sleep. Whilst Delta enhances body recovery, it is REM sleep, otherwise known as dreaming, that promotes mental, emotional and spiritual resolution and restoration.

This is due to one of the key roles of dreaming – emotional processing. Generally, any issues and emotional baggage that are unresolved during waking hours will be processed and relived during dreamtime.

This means that through the highly emotional nature of dreams, we are able to not only pinpoint what is troubling us in our waking life but also express and process these emotions in a safe environment, free from harm.

Dreamwork does however require courage and strength. Dr Quattrocchi reveals that it is a brave soul indeed who can face up to the reality of their dreams as they often lead us to the main problem, indicating the part of our life requiring attention and self work.

Even though consciously remembering our dreams isn’t necessary as working on the issue in our sleep is often enough, as soon as we start to pay attention, our dreams begin to instruct and guide us on how to proceed in many areas of our life. So that what once started off as an unpleasant or ‘negative’ dream, evolves into more pleasant and positive dream imagery as healing takes place and appropriate action is applied in daily life.

So the next time you’re feeling down, take comfort in knowing that your dreams are working with you to help heal that broken heart, grief, anger, traumatic experience, destructive behaviour and/or thought pattern that you have been carrying around.

Happy healing!

Love The Dream Doctor xx


Quattrocchi, Marina (2005).  Dreamwork Uncovered. Insomniac Press, Canada