Soul Sucker – Misadventures in Hypnogogia and Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis affects 20% of dreamers and occurs during the transitional hypnogogic or hypnopompic state as we enter the onset of sleep or on awakening. In this video I explore the phenomenon that is sleep paralysis, share my most recent episode of sleep paralysis and the research behind this natural albeit terrifying…

Life of The Big Fat Beer – A Visitation Dream

Have you ever experienced a transcendent dream – a dream that feels different or more poignant than a typical everyday dream? Jung coined them Big dreams, the Buddhist monks call them transcendent dreams or dreams from the divine.  Often they manifest during a time of crisis or transitional point in…

The Doomed Puppy – A Trauma Dream

The Doomed Puppy is a trauma dream I experienced after my miscarriage. Dream therapy expanded my experience of the initial trauma and allowed me to integrate and help process the traumatic experience of miscarriage.

Creature from the Deep – A Nightmare

Creature from the Deep is an exploration of a nightmare which helps to illustrate how dream therapy can move us from the initial fear and terror of nightmare to something more profound.

The Girl

Dreamt by: JJ Winlove Photographed by: Scott Davidson


Dreamt by: Penny Clay Photographed by: Penny Clay


Dreamt by: Sian Binder Photographed by: Ellen Dahl