Life of The Big Fat Beer – A Visitation Dream

Have you ever experienced a transcendent dream – a dream that feels different or more poignant than a typical everyday dream?

Jung coined them Big dreams, the Buddhist monks call them transcendent dreams or dreams from the divine. 

Often they manifest during a time of crisis or transitional point in our lives, altering our lives as a result.

We know when we’ve had one, they are rare and never forgotten. They can leave us with an uncanny sense of comfort, a knowing that all will be ok and a heightened sense of wellbeing. 

Visitation dreams from our deceased loved ones in particular can provide extraordinary solace and leave us with a glimmer of something from beyond, while research shows they assist with the grieving process.

The year my grandfather passed, he visited me in a delightful and synchronistic transcendent dream I call ‘The Life of The Big Fat Beer’. The day after his passing in the week leading up to Christmas, a surprise gift materialised from the dream – an unexpected Christmas gift from a client which I’m certain was actually a gift from my grandpa…from beyond. (Cue theme song from Twilight Zone!)

I reveal the real life gift that materialised from this dream and chat more about transcendent dreams in this video.

If you’ve had a transcendent, synchronistic or visitation dream do share – I’d love to read and comment on Dreamcubator!