What to Expect

All dreams are unique and yours is no exception. This is why all dream interpretations, whether via email, Zoom or in person sessions, are personalised for you and your dream.

Dream consults usually take 60 mins depending on the complexity of your dream. Please feel free to take down notes and ask any questions during our dream session.

Dream analysis

In your private dream session we’ll explore your dream in detail and break down the symbology, dream archetypes, themes and other elements associated with your dream to better understand your dream in a more conscious light.

Over the course of our session your unique dream message will become clear and relatable to your waking life. This is particularly the case with nightmares and recurring dreams.

Dreamwork and dream therapy

In most cases your dream message will have provided much insight into your life situation or highlighted key areas in your life that require your attention for further growth and development.

During dreamwork or dream therapy we apply various practical and empowering techniques and dream exercises (dreamcises) such as embodied imagination, creative visualisation and powerful affirmations that engage with elements of your dream to impact your life in a positive way.

Dreamwork is particularly effective when working with nightmares and recurring dreams.

You can expect to feel empowered, informed, relieved, inspired and a little more enlightened during a consultation but above all expect to feel positive about your dream! Even nightmares hold wonderful and valuable insights into your waking life, while offering a foundation for healing and transformation.

Martina says: ‘My clients always feel a sense of relief after our consultations because not only are their feelings validated, their dream makes perfect sense and there is always something positive – a profound message that empowers or takes them forward on to the next step of their life journey’.